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The Nazi Tactics of Anti-Israel Propagandists

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Arab Islamic imperialists and their supporters are using the same tactics against Israel that Nazi Germany used against Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.

Just like Nazi Germany exploited the legitimate grievances of Sudeten Germans to undermine and eventually destroy Czechoslovakia, Arab Islamic imperialists are exploiting the legitimate grievances of Palestinian Arabs to undermine and eventually destroy Israel.

Just like in the case of Nazi Germany and Czechoslovakia, the strategy is to demonize and delegitimize Israel in world public opinion, isolate it from its Western allies, then undermine and destroy it through diplomacy and militarily.

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We Told You So! #5 : Industrial Civilization Headed for ‘Irreversible Collapse’

This is the 5th installment in our series: We Told You So! where we show prominent individuals, institutions, and media sources just now noticing what we’ve been saying all along.

We previously discussed the fact that our current economic system is entirely unsustainable. We showed why the global economy is on a path to total collapse, and explained how a new economic paradigm can put us on a path to sustainable growth and prosperity. Now a NASA funded study warns us that, unless we do something, the “global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution“:

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Why the Binding of Isaac Was Not about Faith

We previously demonstrated that Abraham was a Man of Reason, and that at no point were his actions motivated by faith. We also showed that Abraham was only willing to obey God’s command to sacrifice Isaac because he knew with absolute certainty that nothing could happen to his son. Abraham knew this because he had eternally binding agreements from God (the Covenant of the Pieces and the Covenant of Circumcision) which stipulated that the descendants of Isaac, exclusively, would inherit the land of Canaan. And since Isaac was just an adolescent at the time, and had no children, Abraham knew that if anything were to happen to Isaac God would be in violation of His own covenants – which is a metaphysical impossibility.

The fact that Abraham knew with absolute certainty that Isaac would not get hurt proves that God’s test of Abraham had absolutely nothing to do with blind obedience or faith. The purpose of the test was to see whether Abraham would act based on reason even when it came to that which was most dear to him – his son, Isaac – or whether he would act based on emotion and irrational fear. Thus Abraham demonstrated that he was a Man of Reason through and through, and, knowing that Isaac could not get hurt, he had the integrity not to withhold his son from this equation. Abraham was commended not for acting on faith over reason, but for acting on reason over emotion!

To illustrate this point consider the following video:

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Meditations on Being : The Natural Order – Living in Perfect Harmony

We’ve previously demonstrated that it is necessarily possible for there to be a stage of evolution where all life can be continuously in perfect harmony with itself and with the world. This is the evolutionary stage where we can have the highest levels of wellbeing, happiness, peace, love, self-fulfillment, and so on. It is also the stage where we can achieve the highest form of enlightenment. At the other extreme we have a state where all life is on the brink of total destruction. That is the state where we experience the most suffering, disease, conflict, animosity, and ignorance.

Now consider these states of the world as the two ends of a vertical continuum; at the bottom end of the continuum we have the total destruction of all life, and at the top end we have all life living in perfect harmony. Upward movement along this continuum is creative, while downward movement is destructive. No matter where on that continuum you imagine the current state of the world to be, it is in the enlightened self-interest of every living being in existence to move away from the bottom end of the continuum and toward the top end. The higher up we move along the continuum the more life will flourish, on every measurable metric. How then do we move toward the state of perfect harmony?

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Hebrew Bible Myth #2 : Abraham, the Man of Reason

No other story in the Hebrew Bible teaches us about the kind of relationship we should have with God like the story of Abraham.

We’re all familiar with the story, correct? Abraham, the paragon of blind faith in God, the man who was willing to sacrifice his own child in blind obedience to the Lord. Isn’t that the story? Isn’t that what the Hebrew Bible tells us about the kind of relationship we should have with God?

Well, not quite. What if we got it all wrong? What if Abraham’s story is not what we were led to believe, and the man we consider as a paragon of blind faith was nothing of that sort?

What if Abraham’s relationship with God was not based on faith at all, but instead was based on reason? Sounds implausible, right? After all, would a Man of Reason be willing to obey God’s command to sacrifice his child? A Man of Reason would never willingly put his child in harms way, let alone in a situation where death is a possibility. A Man of Reason would only be willing to obey God’s command if he knew with certainty that no harm could come to the child. Yet, that is precisely what Abraham knew! The Binding of Isaac was not at all a test of faithit was a test of reason! In fact, as you’re about to see, Abraham was motivated by reason – not faith – every step of the way. So let us look at what the text of the Hebrew Bible actually says. Before we do so, however, let’s clarify what it means to be a Man of Faith and what it means to be a Man of Reason:

A Man of Reason is someone who bases his beliefs (ie. what he accepts as true) on knowledge, evidence and logic.
A Man of Faith is someone who bases his beliefs on hope and conviction. Such person necessarily holds these beliefs with lack of, in spite of, or against reason and evidence.

Since you cannot base your belief on evidence and on lack of evidence at the same time, faith and reason are not only mutually exclusive but are also in direct opposition to each other.

Now that we’ve defined the terms, let’s examine the text of the Hebrew Bible and see if Abraham was a Man of Faith or a Man of Reason.

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Hebrew Bible Myth #1 : Miracles Don’t Violate the Laws of Nature

In the previous post in this series we have conclusively proven that an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and benevolent God exists, and that God and Nature are one and the same. In this series will demonstrate why the God we presented in our proof is precisely the God the Hebrew Bible speaks of.

Now, in our proof of God’s omnipotence we stated that nothing can violate the Laws of Nature. You may ask then, don’t miracles violate the Laws of Nature? How can we reconcile the idea that nothing can violate the Laws of Nature with God’s miracles in the Hebrew Bible?

The answer is actually rather straightforward, but before we get to it let us consider the following thought experiment:

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Meditations on Being : God Is Nature

Does God – an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and benevolent Being – exist? Let us start with omnipresence:


Does an omnipresent Being exist? Is there someone or something that exists in all places and at all times? The answer to this question is quite evident: of course there is something that exists everywhere and at all times: the Laws of Nature are present everywhere and all the time. We don’t have different laws of nature operating in different places and at different times. If that was the case then omnipresence would not be a fitting characterization of Nature. What we do have however is the same Law operating everywhere and all the time, and manifesting itself in different ways. In fact, we can say that all the phenomena in the universe are all different manifestations of the same Law. Thus, Nature is, and by necessity must be, omnipresent.

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